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“We used the Amateur Architect lesson last year. It was a great success. The students were able to see application for the math work we had done with fractions and measurement. They were so engaged while they were working; they had such pride in their final pieces. I’m anxious to use the Royal Reward because I see the same application and motivation for students in the lessons. I appreciate the work that you have put into creating these lessons. They are well thought out and have all the tips a teacher need to use it with a class. Thanks so much!”

– Tracy Pickle, Adrian Middle School, Adrian, Michigan

“I find that my students enjoy doing the activities, although they sometimes are challenged as the format is significantly different from more traditional math classes.”

– Carmen Esselink, Emmanuel Christian School, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

“I always seem to find an activity that is diverse and timely.”

– Rose Arnell, Wilson Elementary School, Cincinnati, OH

“Thrilled to find this resource! I teach inclusion and gifted classes, so having engaging, math-rich lessons is crucial!”

– Martha Ennis, Blackmon Road Middle School, Columbus, GA

“I love your stuff.”

– David J. Fehringer, Hudson Middle School, Hudson, WI

“Hi Mark,…I really enjoy using your activities. I downloaded a few I already had because I shared them with a coworker, so I purchased them for her. The lessons I have tried are the Systems of Equations which was great…I also used the Rock, Paper, Scissors…I just collected Amateur Architect…Your Mathegories has worked great…Thanks so much. You have added a lot to my classroom this year.

-Linda Adrid, Suzanne Middle School, Walnut, CA

The games that I chose to share and provide handouts were “Capture The Quads”, “Fraction Golf”, and “FDP Bingo”. I also told the audience about the other games and ideas that were on your website. The games were received with much enthusiasm and we played them during my sessions…. I know I will continue to visit (DigitalLesson.com). Thanks so much for allowing me to share your wonderful ideas to make math more fun and exciting.

-Jackie J. (California)

Thanks so much. You are the greatest, so understanding. Yes, I was able to download them before I left. Thanks so much. Next time …. Notice I said next time…this is because your items are awesome!!!!!

– Jane S. (Missouri)

“Excellent resource for hands-on, exciting lessons with sound basic math concepts….I especially like the projects because it allows the students to apply what they have learned. Keep up the great work!….Super math resource!”

-Nancy Christian, Caledonia Elementary School, Caledonia, MS

“…thank you again for the great ideas….This will definitely help to keep my 7th graders motivated until the end of the school year.”

-Kerry Cardoza, Los Tules Middle School, CA

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