Social Media for Middle School Math Teacher Pro

Social media offers a tremendous opportunity for teachers from around the country and the world to collaborate with each other. Using platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube, teachers are powerfully equipped to share ideas, resources, and experiences with each other.

Middle School Math Teacher Pro

At, our social media presence is under the brand name Middle School Math Teacher Pro. This is not only the name of our podcast, but is a brand name that clearly communicates the mission of We are here to provide middle school math teaching professionals with high quality resources as well as opportunities to learn and collaborate with each other.


You can find us on Facebook herePlease “Like” our page to be notified of exciting ideas and resources and to have the opportunity to interact with other middle school math teachers from around the country and the world.  I (Mark) look forward to interacting with you on our Facebook page.


You can find us on Twitter here (@MSMathTeachPro).  I am still learning my way around Twitter but I know enough to be able to see that there are tremendous resources for middle school math ideas and resources on Twitter.  I try to share as many of these as I can find with you on my Twitter feed.  Please follow us on Twitter to have these ideas and resources show up in your feed.


You can find us on Pinterest here (msmathteachpro).  I really like Pinterest.  If you haven’t visited this social media site, it is like looking through the top photos from a friend’s photo albums.  Pinterest is full of powerful images you can find great ideas and resources for middle school math when you know how to look.  You can start on our Pinterest page.  Follow us on Pinterest to see all of the middle school math treasure that we find!


You can find us on YouTube here.  Even though we haven’t posted any of our own middle school math videos yet (we plan to in the future) you can access our Middle School Math Teacher Pro playlists which are filled with great math-related videos that you can either use in your classroom or for your own information.  Check them out!