The Complete Collection of Lessons, Projects, and Games for Middle School Math

Infuse Life Into Your Curriculum and Energize Your Students with Powerful, Hands-On Math Activities Presented in a Meaningful Context

The Complete Collection will add life to the learning in your classroom in the following ways:

  1. Students enjoy learning that takes place in a meaningful context.  Our lessons and projects are packed with powerful mathematics, but the activities are also of high interest to the students.
  2. The hands-on nature of our math activities promotes learning by having students experience mathematics at a concrete and representational level.  Our activities provide a powerful supplement to your math curriculum.
  3. Our math lessons, projects, and games are designed for easy implementation by the classroom teacher.  They can be downloaded in minutes, include all blackline masters, and full directions for teaching effectively in the classroom.  Teach it like a pro the first time using our detailed Teacher Tips that accompany each activity.

My Search for Meaningful Mathematics Activities

When I first started teaching I had a hard time finding activities that would be interesting to the students and include powerful mathematics.  Let’s face it, doing page after page of uninspired problems out of the textbook can become tedious very quickly.  These textbook assignments often don’t relate math to our students in ways that are important to them.  They don’t cause students to value and enjoy mathematics.

Creating My Own Middle School Math Activities

 The activities I did find usually were not up to my standards so I decided to start creating my own math activities.  My goal was to create activities that I enjoyed teaching, that the students enjoyed learning, and that taught or solidified the important math standards that I was responsible to teach my students.

I believe that my lesson design strengths include organizing ideas, sequencing lessons, accounting for all the details of a great lesson, and applying powerful mathematics to the world in a way that students will appreciate and enjoy.

My solution was to create math activities that:

  • help me to powerfully teach my curriculum
  • promote active, hands-on mathematical learning
  • are interesting and engaging to students
  • are immediately available to teachers
  • are easy to implement for teachers using for the first time
  • are classroom tested in my own classroom

Teachers Are Talking About The Complete Collection Activities

Here’s what other teachers have to say about the math lessons, projects, and games included in Marvelous Middle School Math: The Complete Collection of Lessons, Projects, and Games:

“Great activities that get students engaged and working together! I am using many of these projects in my first period enrichment/remediation class. The students seem to enjoy these activities/projects as well. As we implement common core standards next year, I am ecstatic to use many of these activities! Great stuff, thanks for putting it all together for purchase.”

– Math for the Middle (TpT seller)

“These projects have the perfect combination of rigorous math content and fun creativity. We love them!”

– Jenna S.

“This is my new “go-to” resource when I need a fun project or activity for my students.”

– T. Hutchens

“This is jam packed of great activites! Makes math meaningful.  Thank you.”

– LeeAnn P.

“I use the Amateur Architect, FDP Bingo, Squarea, and The Royal Reward every year. I have also use The Big Event (a bit more time consuming). I believe they are a great way to complete specific units and have students use the skills they have learned. The students love these projects! The lessons are well formatted and easy to use.”

– Tracy Miller, Davenport School of the Arts, Davenport, FL

“I have used at least three activities from DigitalLesson in my 6th grade class. Each one went extremely well. I love having a different way to present the topics.”

– Josh Ryan, Buckley School, Sherman Oaks, CA

“I have used all that I have bought, and it is most of the activities, in my classroom. They are fun and challenging and match the Michigan standards.”

– Susan Schut-Koning, Sparta Middle School, Sparta, MI

“I work with students in math labs…small groups, students who need extra math help. I need activities to involve them, raise their interest level, and have them be successful. These activities work wonderfully!!”

– Sue Martin, Greene Middle School, Greene, NY

“I couldn’t be happier with my digital lesson products. I ordered THE WORKS. I teach gifted 4th and 5th graders who are at many different levels. The lessons were easy to incorporate into my classroom activities. I used them to keep those high-level kids engaged while I worked with small groups on basic skills. My students loved the challenge and were able to work independently after a thorough introduction.

…The games are by far my favorite. We love SKUNK! I have used almost every game at some time. These are great for a “Fun Friday” or for filler when schedule changes or standardized tests call for short class time.

Thank you for developing these lessons.

– Lauri F., Atlanta, GA

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The Complete Collection of Math Lessons, Projects, and Games

The middle school math lessons and middle school math projects in The Complete Collection are high-interest, hands-on math activities and math games designed to engage middle school math students and enhance your classroom math instruction. These math lessons are classroom-tested and provide you, the teacher, with fresh, new activities that are available instantly from

Our lessons include full teacher directions called Teacher Tips to help you to be successful with each activity the first time. The activities are standards-based and all blackline masters are included with each lesson or project.

After purchase, you will be directed to a link where you can download your math activities.

  • No waiting for weeks to receive your math activities
  • No shipping and handling costs
  • Receive your math lessons and projects in minutes

Then just “Print and Present” these great middle school math lessons. In 10 minutes you can be standing in front of your class with a proven, new, exciting math lesson for your middle school students!

The Complete Collection of Math Lessons, Projects, and Games may be the only supplement to your math program that you will ever need!  It is full of exciting new math activities to enhance your math program.  You can  add life to the learning in your classroom starting today!

The Complete Collection of

Lessons, Projects, and Games

for Middle School Math

The Complete Collection Preview Pages 

 (Includes all of the activities in the 6 eBooks below!)

Click the links below to view descriptions of any individual math lesson or topical eBook.


Number Sense Activities eBook

Amazing Birthday Cards Activity

Creative Equations Project

Who Has Cards Activity

Math Shadows Lesson

Math Madness Classroom Mathematics Tournament

Amateur Architect Fraction Project

Humongous Hero Proportion and Scale Project

Proportional Pictures Project

Grade Sheet Fractions, Decimals, and Percents Lesson


Geometry Activities eBook

Cereal Box Surface Area Project

Paper Portal Geometry Lesson

Toilet Paper Geometry Project

The Royal Reward Geometry Project

Squarea Area and Volume Project

Discovering Pi Day Lesson


Statistics, Data Analysis, and Probability Activities eBook

Super Spinners Probability Activity

Rock, Paper, Scissors Probability Lesson

Quirky Quiz Probability and Statistics Lesson

Likely Letters Statistics and Probability Project

The Big Event Statistics Project


Algebra and Functions Activities eBook

Stained Glass Window Graphing Project

It’s In The Bag! Equations Project

Graphing Equations Lesson

What’s the Point? (Coordinate Graphing)

What’s the Point 2? (Coordinate Graphing)

Graphing Systems of Equations


Money Math Activities eBook

Classroom Money System

Stock Market Contest

Tipping Lesson

Making Change Lesson

Fantastic Middle School Math Games eBook

Marvelous Middle School Math:
The Complete Collection of Lessons, Projects, and Games

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