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Khan Academy For Middle School Math Teachers
(Special Report)

Khan Academy for Middle School Math Teachers is a special 20-page report that will guide you into effectively using this very powerful, free online program.  Included are links to a printable parent letter and to specific pages on Khan Academy that will help you to quickly start using Khan in your classroom.

Download Khan Academy for Middle School Math Teachers

The SQUAREA Geometry Project

The Squarea Project (square area) is a hands-on math project that helps students to discover area (square inches, square feet, and square yards), volume (cubic feet and cubic yards), and surface area (of cubic feet and cubic yards) in a very concrete, visual manner. It is one of my all-time favorite math projects!

Download the SQUAREA Geometry Project

Printable Math Game – Math Bingo

Math Bingo is an activity that is perfect for reviewing key mathematics vocabulary in a unit of study. It can also be used to review any type of mathematics problem. Math Bingo provides the teacher with a fun and different way to review the mathematics that has already been presented in class.

Math Bingo is one of the 12 Printable Math Games in our new Fantastic Middle School Math Games eBook. Visit our home page to find out more about this great resource for middle school math teachers. Click the link below to save or print your game.

Download the Math Bingo Game

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