Statistics, Data Analysis, and Probability Activities eBook

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Super Spinners Probability Activity

Super Spinners Probability Activity is a hands-on activity that requires students to analyze three themed spinners in order to compare the theoretical probability of each spinner outcome with the experimental probability from their trials. Students then collect and analyze data from their entire class (and possibly multiple classes) to draw conclusions about the accuracy of experimental probability data as the number of trials increases.

Rock, Paper, Scissors Probability Activity

Rock, Paper, Scissors Probability Activity is an investigation into the mathematics of the popular game of the same name. Students play Rock, Paper, Scissors (RPS), list possible outcomes, and analyze the theoretical and experimental probabilities in two versions of the game. They interact with other students, collect data, analyze the fairness of games, and have the opportunity to participate in the RPS Tournament.

Quirky Quiz Probability and Statistics Activity

Quirky Quiz is a fun probability and statistics activity packed full of mathematical concepts. Students complete a ten-item multiple choice quiz that includes no questions. They score their quizzes, analyze the probability of the independent events involved (quiz items), and use bar graphs to represent their statistical results. In this lesson students also use frequency tables, percents, exponents, and fractions.

Likely Letters Statistics and Probability Project

Likely Letters is a statistics and probability project that requires students to use experimental probability to determine the letters with the highest frequency of use in written English.  Students analyze a passage of text, collect data on the letters used most frequently, and compile their data with others in the class to reach their conclusions.

The Big Event Statistics Project

The Big Event is a hands-on group statistics project that allows students the freedom to creatively plan a major campus event. They design seating charts, create income and expense statements, estimate costs, make graphs (line, bar, circle, and picto-) and analyze their results.

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