Squarea Area and Volume Project

The Squarea Area and Volume Project is a hands-on math project that helps students to discover area (square inches, square feet, and square yards), volume (cubic feet and cubic yards), and surface area (of cubic feet and cubic yards) in a very concrete, visual manner.  It is one of my all-time favorite math projects!  (See more Squarea pictures and teacher feedback at the bottom of the page.)

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SQUAREA Project - Cubic Foot

SQUAREA Project – Cubic Foot


Lesson Description:  SQUAREA (a hybrid word I created which stands for “Square Area”) is a hands-on math project that helps students to discover area, volume, and surface area in a very concrete, visual manner.  Students measure objects in a classroom, create square feet, draw square inches, construct cubic feet, construct square yards and cubic yards, and investigate the surface area of a cube.

Math Content:  Area, Volume, and Surface Area

Suggested Grade Level:  5th-8th

Time Required:  about 2 class periods

Materials Needed:  Construction paper, tape

Teacher Testimonial:  Since I developed this project I have used it several times with 6th and 7th grade students.  The way in which it allows them to actively learn the concepts or area, volume, and surface area is truly remarkable.  The students are able to visualize the concepts of a square inch, a square foot, and a square yard.  They work cooperatively with others to incorporate their personal square foot with others to create a cubic foot.  Then they combine these with the cubic feet from other classes to construct a cubic yard.  I often have this cubic yard on display at Open House for the parents to see.

The SQUAREA Area and Volume Project includes:

  • 2 SQUAREA Project student worksheets
  • 2 SQUAREA Project student worksheet answer keys
  • 1 SQUAREA Project Teacher Tips page
  • 1 SQUAREA Project Cover Page

Teachers Are Talking About Squarea Area and Volume Project

This is the greatest way I’ve seen for kids to really understand the difference between area, volume, and surface area. It explains why we use square units and cubic units. Plus, kids get to work together, be creative, practice measuring, and move around. My cubic yard is assembled and ready for display for Open House. Thank you!

– TpT buyer, math teacher

“Wow! What a great visual to teach areas, volume, and surface area. Thanks for sharing!”

–  Hanh T., math teacher

“I have used the Squarea project multiple times. My students love the hands-on portion. I like the well-thought out lesson and worksheet.”

– Susan Polednik, Nativity of Our Lord, Broomfield, CO

“I like the concrete visual aspect of this project, plus it takes minimal prep for the teacher. Students do the work and form conclusions while the teacher coaches with questioning.”

– Robin S., math teacher

“Thank you so much! I love that the blocks are all stacked together at the end to show the volume. What a great hands on visual, lesson.”

– TpT buyer, math teacher

“I love the ideas of creating cubic feet and cubic yards!  Thank you for this resource!”

– Hilda Ratliff, math teacher

“Love it! What a great visual, hands on.”

– Cheryl S., math teacher


Enjoy your lesson!!

Mark P. Tully