Recommended Resources

Note:  The resources on this page are businesses that I am personally involved in.  I do receive an affiliate fee if you make a purchase from one of my links.  All products and services are those that I personally use and believe in.  The trust I have built up with thousands of math teachers since 2004 is at stake, so I don’t take these recommendations lightly.

The Quarter Mile – Math Software Kids Love

The Quarter Mile is a simple, yet addictive game software that makes students want to practice their foundational math skills.  Level 3, for grades 6-9, focuses on decimals, percents, fractions, estimation, integers, and equations.  Click the link above to view my blog post about The Quarter Mile.

Student Recognition System

Over four years ago I began using this online greeting card and gifting system that allows you to create real paper greeting cards (not e-cards) from your computer in minutes.  When you click the “send” button, your card is printed, stuffed, stamped and put in the mail for you.  A few days later, it shows up in the recipients mailbox at their home.  Convenience, time savings, and powerful impact — all for less than a buck!  It’s the coolest thing around! 

You can try it for free on my websiteWatch the 3-minute video and then click on the link to send a free card.  Our CEO will guide you easily through this quick process!  I’ll even pay for your card(s).  Have fun!