Middle School Math Worksheets

At DigitalLesson.com, we pride ourselves in providing print-ready middle school math worksheets that teachers can use immediately in the classroom.

While there are thousands of great middle school math ideas to be found online, DigitalLesson.com is one of very few websites where you can browse these great ideas, view preview pages of the math lessons or projects that interest you, purchase them, and then immediately print your middle school math worksheets.

Our math lessons and projects include all necessary blackline masters.  The worksheets have been created for you!  Finding a great idea online is fun, but not having to spend a few hours creating a lesson and formatting the required worksheets is even better.  With a few mouse clicks you are prepared for an exciting math activity that is simple to implement in your classroom.

We include Teacher Tips to help you to successfully use our middle school math worksheets successfully the first time.  Below are examples of a few of the many engaging, hands-on activities available on DigitalLesson.com.  Check these out or click on the last link to view a list of all of our available middle school math lessons and projects.


Amateur Architect Fraction Project

Amateur Architect is a hands-on math project that requires students to read directions and compute fraction operation problems.  Students use the resulting measurements and a ruler to construct a house and garage. This is one of my all-time favorite math projects!

The Royal Reward Geometry Project

The Royal Reward is a group project, embedded in the context of a story, which requires students to find the area and perimeter of polygons, classify polygons, measure angles, investigate the sum of the interior angles of various polygons, and use the concept of scale.

Rock, Paper, Scissors Probability Lesson

Rock, Paper, Scissors is an investigation into the mathematics of the popular game of the same name.  Students play Rock, Paper, Scissors (RPS), list possible outcomes, and analyze the theoretical and experimental probabilities in two versions of the game.  They interact with other students, collect data, judge the fairness of games, and participate in the RPS Tournament.

What’s the Point? (Coordinate Graphing)

“What’s the Point?” is a fun middle school math worksheet that requires students to graph points (ordered pairs) on the coordinate plane in order to create a picture.

Stock Market Contest

The Stock Market Contest is designed to teach students the basics of investing in the stock market. Students choose two companies to invest in, track and graph their stocks throughout the year using the worksheets provided, and reflect upon their learning. You can award prizes to the top investors.

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