Middle School Math Skills Videos

On this page you will find videos that can be used to introduce or teach Common Core Math Skills.  These videos will educate and entertain.  Check them out first and then potentially use them to liven up your math classroom.

Introduction to Ratios – Math Snacks: Bad Date

This is a very funny video that visually shows the ratio of words spoken by a girl and 3 boys on 3 different dates.  Great introductory video for ratios!

The Pi Episode – Math Bytes with Danica McKellar

This video, featuring former Wonder Years TV star Danica McKellar (Winnie Cooper) would be perfect to show when you are introducing the concept of pi or on Pi Day (March 13th).

All I Do is Solve (Systems)

This is a fun video that shows 3 ways to solve systems of equations – by graphing, elimination, or substitution. Catchy song and good math graphics.