Middle School Math Games Video

In the 3-minute video below I will share with you three math games that you can print and take into your classroom immediately.  Links to the printable game sheets are included below the video.  Enjoy!

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 The Game of Skunk

My favorite math game is called Skunk and involves chance and choice. It is a probability game using number cubes that can be played together as a class. The students love it!! (Whole Class)

“I used the game Skunk and it was a fabulous hit.”

– Rachel Gordon, Tompkins Square Middle School, New York, NY

Printable Skunk Recording Sheet


Fraction, Decimal, Percent Bingo

FDP Bingo is a version of the classic Bingo game which has been designed to provide students with a fun way to practice and learn fraction, decimal, and percent equivalents. Includes printable Bingo Card, Recording Sheet, and Practice Master. (Whole Class)

Printable FDP Bingo Game


Crossing the River

As students play “Crossing the River” they use trial and error, discover patterns, and develop mathematical strategies to enable them to compete successfully in this game of chance that involves integer addition. A discussion of theoretical and experimental probability, and their roles in this game, can be undertaken after students have played a number of times. Students play in pairs. (Small Group)

“I used Crossing the River to supplement my lesson on adding and subtracting integers. The students loved it and it helped them to understand the concept better.”

– Barbara L. Saunders, Point Pleasant Middle School, Point Pleasant, WV

Printable Crossing the River Game


I hope that you find the three free middle school math games above to be helpful resources.  If you would like even more high-interest, educational math games to play in your classroom, take a look at our Fantastic Middle School Math Games eBook.


Mark P. Tully
Founder, DigitalLesson.com