Mathegories Game Directions

To play Mathegories you may want to follow these directions below or modify the directions to fit your needs.

1)  Open the Mathegories PowerPoint document.

2)  Click on the “Read Only” button.

3)  On the view menu, select “Slide Show”.

4)  Click on the first slide to advance to the game board.

5)  Playing in pairs or in teams, have one student select a category and a point amount.

6)  Click on the number (point value) of the selection in that rectangle.  If you click outside the number, the PowerPoint will just advance to the next slide, instead of the correct question that corresponds with that point value.  If this happens, just click on that slide and then the home button to continue.

7)  A question screen will appear.

8)  Click on the screen when you are ready to advance to the answer screen.

9)  If a team answers the question correctly they are awarded the number of points that the question is worth.  If they miss the question the points are deducted.  If they do not answer the question no points are deducted.  (Note:  There are many different way to score Mathegories.  You can use whiteboards in groups to get everyone involved, etc.  Alter the scoring rules, if necessary, to fit the needs of your classroom.)

10)  Click on the “Home” icon in the lower right hand corner of the answer screen to return to the game board before the other team selects the next question.

11)  If you advance to the next screen by mistake just use the icon in the lower left corner to return to the previous page. Then click the “Home” icon.

12)  If you select a question and the “Power Points” slide appears, the team may risk any number of points that they have accumulated so far.  They must select the number of points before viewing the question.  Just click on the slide to advance to the question.

13)  Continue like this until all questions have been selected. The point amount will disappear from the game board after the question has been selected.

14)  The winning team is the one with the most points.

15)  Enjoy Mathegories!

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