Math Projects and Active Learning Video

In the 5-minute video below I will share with you three of the math projects that I regularly use in my math classroom that promote active learning. Projects and activities are fun for students and they will enhance student understanding as students DO the math.

Below the video you will find a link to a set of Student Success Principle Posters that I would like to give you as a gift today.  Each poster contains a powerful quote in the areas of dreams, thinking, goals, action, failure, success, and giving.  I often print these and post one quote a week that I discuss with my students.

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Student Success Principles Posters

Click the link above to save or print our 40 Student Success Principles Posters. 

Note:   The Super Package Plus mentioned in this video has been updated.  All of our middle school math lessons, projects, and games are now part of our signature product, a 438-page eBook called Marvelous Middle School Math:  The Complete Collection of Lessons, Projects, and Games.

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Mark Tully