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Cereal Box Surface Area Project

Cereal Box Surface Area is a group project in which students create a net of a rectangular prism from a cereal box and then use it to determine the surface area and volume of the box. Students also find the weight of the cereal and use it to determine weight to volume ratios. Finally, students complete a quick mathematical scavenger hunt on their cereal box. The finished cereal box projects are perfect for classroom display.

Paper Portal Geometry Lesson

Paper Portal is a geometry lesson that begins with a fascinating challenge: Can students cut a hole in a single sheet of 8 1/2″ x 11″ paper that is big enough to walk through? After students are shown the solution to this challenge the remainder of the lesson involves an investigation of the different polygon and circle areas that may be found using a fixed perimeter (the paper portal).

Toilet Paper Geometry Project

Toilet Paper Geometry is a math project that requires students to find the surface area and volume of a roll of toilet paper. Students unwind the roll of toilet paper, place it into the form of one or more rectangles, and calculate the total surface area of the roll. Then they determine how many rolls of toilet paper it would take to cover a basketball court, a football field, and a baseball diamond. Students also calculate the volume of the toilet paper in two different ways (by finding the volume of a cylinder and a rectangular prism) and compare their results.

The Royal Reward Geometry Project

The Royal Reward Geometry Project is a group project, given in the context of a story about King Euclid, that focuses on geometry and metric measurement. Students use measurement skills to calculate the area and perimeter of polygons (plots of land) including triangles, parallelograms, a trapezoid, a rhombus, and an irregular hexagon. Students also classify polygons, measure angles, investigate the sum of the interior angles of various polygons, and use the concept of scale.

Squarea Area and Volume Project

Squarea Area and Volume Project is a hands-on math activity that helps students to discover area (square inches, square feet, and square yards), volume (cubic feet and cubic yards), and surface area (of cubic feet and cubic yards) in a very concrete, visual manner. It is one of my all-time favorite math projects!

Discovering Pi Day Lesson

Discovering Pi Day is a lesson designed to give students a hands-on experience that will help them truly grasp the concept of pi. If you celebrate Pi Day on March 14, have students share pi jokes, pi songs, pi facts, and pi history before EATING PIE. All you need to know is included in this lesson. Students love Pi Day!!

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“We used the Cereal Box Project in my classroom this year as well as the Squarea Project. I liked both. It was great to see them start to make some connections because of things they made.”

– Kimberley H., math teacher

“Absolutely love the hands-on lessons. Just what I was looking for to help bring the the concepts to life for my students and help them remember the concepts.”

– TpT buyer, math teacher

“This looks to be an amazing way to challenge students. I am a gifted teacher always looking for something more unique for my students.”

– Gerrie C., math teacher

“I used some of the activities with my gifted class. This is a great resource.”

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