First Weeks of School

My goal with this page is to share with you a few resources that I have used consistently during the first week or two of the new school year.  Below you will find links to printable resources that I hope will be useful to you as you teach your math class this year.  If you found this page later in the year you may want to download the resources and save them for next year.

Ten Problem Test

The Ten Problem Test is a quick, in-class assignment that I often give on the first day of class. It re-awakens students’ math brains and challenges them. Although most of the numbers are relatively small, each problem requires some understanding of mathematics that, if forgotten, will cause the student to miss the problem. 

I make it very clear up front that this test is not graded. I let them know that it is just meant to be a quick, fun activity to get them thinking mathematically after a long summer break.

One of the benefits of giving this quick test is that it often does help me to identify some of the strongest math students in the class.  Enjoy!

Download The Ten Problem Test


Hall Pass System

My Hall Pass System is an integral part of my overall classroom management system.  My Hall Passes are given out at the beginning of each semester.  Students can use these passes as bathroom passes, tardy passes, or homework passes.  The printable passes, along with my detailed system for using them in the classroom is included in this document. 

Download My Hall Pass System


Student Self-Introduction

The Student Self-Introduction is a simple, one-page form that I like to have students complete at the beginning of the year.  This form gives me an opportunity to learn about my students and to connect with them about topics that are important to them.  I believe that students will perform better in the math classroom when they have personal connections with their teacher and when they feel that the teacher is interested, and cares about them.  I have a few students each day introduce themselves to the class and share the answers to their 7 questions.  Then I collect the forms and keep them in a notebook for easy access.

The Math Questions are for my use only, but they give me a quick, informative insight into each student’s feelings about math.  They help me to see whether students have like math in the past, what kind of attitude they bring to my class, and what their goal for this year is.  Use this if it is helpful to you.  I have left it as a Word file, instead of converting it to a pdf, so that you can make changes on it before printing.  You may have to save it to your desktop first and then open it.

Download the Student Self-Introduction


Student Information Sheet

The Student Information Sheet is another basic form that allows me to collect student data.  It gives me contact information, student class schedules, and then a quick glimpse into what makes the student tick (goals and activities).  I also collect parent signatures on this form so that I have something to compare to if I receive questionable signatures on quizzes and tests later in the year.

I sometimes have used the parents’ occupation information to find guest speakers for my math class.  The student schedule allows me to quickly look up a student’s next class if I need to find them.  Much of this data is now available to me online, but it is still sometimes faster to simply keep these forms in a notebook, along with my Student Self-Introductions.

Download the Student Information Sheet


I hope that you have a fantastic school year, that you enjoy the above resources, and that I can be of some help to you this year through and our newsletter! 

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May God bless you and yours,