Discovering Pi Day Lesson

Discovering Pi Day is a lesson designed to give students a hands-on experience that will help them truly grasp the concept of pi.  The students measure the circumference and diameter of circles to calculate pi.  They learn applications of pi.  Finally, they may also participate in Pi Day, a wonderfully fun and educational celebration of mathematics.

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Lesson Description: Discovering Pi is a lesson designed to give students a hands-on experience that will help them truly grasp the concept of pi.  The students use string and a ruler to measure the circumference and diameter of three different circles.  They then calculate the ratio of the circumference to diameter, perhaps not realizing that they are really calculating pi.  Students also read and complete the Pi Basics sheet.  Finally, if you celebrate Pi Day on March 14, have students share pi jokes, pi songs, pi facts, and pi history before EATING PIE.  Of course students love this last part!!

Math Content: Pi, Area of a Circle, Circumference of a Circle, Millimeter Measurement

Suggested Grade Level: 5th – 8th

Time Required: 1-2 Class Periods (Celebrate Pi Day on March 14th!!)

Materials Needed: String, Metric Rulers, Pie (optional), and Pi Day research, jokes, songs, etc.

Teacher Testimonial: Pi Day (March 14) was one of the biggest hits with my students last year! We learned about pi, told pi jokes, sang pi songs (that’s a first in my math class!), and learned pi history and other pi facts.  Best of all, WE ATE PIE!! The students learned how to find the circumference and area of a circle.  They also learned where pi comes from.  Most importantly, we created a special day to have fun while we were learning.  I believe that many of my students will remember March 14th in a special way from now on.

The Discovering Pi Day Lesson includes:

  • 1 Discovering Pi Hands-On worksheet and 1 Hands-On answer key
  • 1 Discovering Pi Basics sheet and 1 Basics answer key
  • 2 Discovering Pi Teacher Tips pages
  • 1 Discovering Pi Cover Page

Enjoy your lesson!!

Mark P. Tully

Teacher Feedback:

“I used some of the ideas for Pi Day last year and they went over very well.”
-Jenny Cramer, St. John’s Episcopal School, Rancho Santa Margarita, CA